Q: Can I be in the photos?

A: Yes! At The Pet Collective we love to capture the relationship between people and their pets.

In addition to photographing animals both Carly and Simon are full time professional wedding and portrait photographers, and have been for many years, so you can be sure that you and your pet are in good hands.

That said, there is no pressure if you're really not keen. Just let your pet do the posing.

Q: Where will we do the photoshoot?

A: Cat photoshoots will occur in your home/garden (unless otherwise requested). 

Dogs can go anywhere you're happy for them to go! This could be a beautiful green space such as Blaise Castle, Ashton Court or Blagdon Lake, a funky urban location or perhaps your favourite beach.

Of course you can always opt for a shoot in your home if your pup will be more content there, or if you're particularly house proud!

Q: Can I have more than 1 animal in the photoshoot?

A: Yes! However, we do advise that 2 animals is best for a 1 hour photoshoot to get the most from it.

If you have more than 2 pets for the whole shoot it goes without saying that you won't get as much variety of each animal.

You can always opt to pay £25 per extra animal for 30 minutes more of our time to ensure everyone gets a fair chance in front of the lens!

Q: My cat is shy, can you still take photos?

A: Pay attention to how your cat reacts when a stranger enters the house. If he/she disappears without a trace for hours, it's unlikely that we can help on a single visit. 

If he/she can be tempted out with a bit of patience, quiet time and tasty treats then photos should be possible. We have often been referred to as "cat whisperers" !

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: We bring treats to all photoshoots but you're welcome to bring any treats that your cat/dog responds particularly well to, or if they have a particular dietary requirement.

Toys and distractions are also handy!

Q: My cat won't listen to you, how are you going to get any good photos?

A: As long as the cat is present at the shoot, we will work our magic. Trust us!

Q: My dog is never going to sit still for you, are you sure this will work?

A: We don't need your dog to be completely still but if your dog is particularly active we would advise at least one short walk before your photoshoot. 

However, even if this doesn't happen we allow 30 mins "meet and greet" time for us to feed tasty treats and allow time for your dog to calm in our presence. 

Q: What do I need to do before the shoot?

A: Ensure that your cat/dog is clean and groomed, and has been fed approximately 2 hours before the shoot to ensure he/she is slightly hungry and receptive to tasty treats. 

We're sure cat owners will agree this is particularly relevant in trying to get their furry friends to comply! 

Q: What dates do you have available for photoshoots?

A: Please drop us a message and we can let you know our availability. 

Due to demand we usually book 1-2 months in advance so it's best to enquire sooner rather than later.

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