Natural dog portrait photography Bristol, Bath & Somerset

Your dog LOVES walks. Shh, don't say the word!

Don't even THINK the word. You'll give the game away!
Whether it's a leisurely Sunday stroll, a quick march or a mad run in the countryside, your furry companion is always keen to get out and about. 

Your dog LOVES the great outdoors

Nature and wide open space: to man's best friend this is just magical.

Your dog LOVES mischief

If there's trouble to be found, your dog will find it.

If there's no trouble to be found, your dog will create it!

Your dog LOVES to relax

As much as they enjoy burning off all that crazy energy outdoors, just like us humans they love nothing more than coming home to chill out.

Your dog LOVES the camera!

Did you ever think your little pup had such model potential?

…but most of all, your dog LOVES YOU!

Loyal and trustworthy, they're there for you through thick and thin.

As a dog owner you know that you've got a friend for life.

Our clients say:

"You will absolutely love your experience. It was our 2nd shoot and we will be back again soon. BEST around!" - Sasha

“It was so hard to choose which photos to have printed we ended up buying them all! I would highly recommend Carly and The Pet Collective.” - Angi

"The photos are beyond what we had expected and shows our dog at his best! Carly also took a shot for our wedding invites - she listened to what we wanted, found a location which suited our brief perfectly and then took the photo which was exactly what we imagined." - Lucy

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