Natural cat portrait photography in Bristol, Bath & Somerset

Your cat is a natural poser

...but I doubt you need to be told that?

You know already, that from itty bitty kitten size right through to their senior years, they're perfect models. 

Your cat is a part of your family

Your cat is loved, cared for and treated like royalty.

They're the only member of the family you'd allow to lie around for 22 hours of the day and still love them unconditionally.

Your cat has its own personality

You know exactly what your cat would be like if it were human:

* A shy retiring type, happy to lie on the sofa reading a book.
* A luxurious lady, accustomed to all the best things in life.
* A confident man about town, fazed by nothing and no one.

You do not own your cat, your cat owns you!

You get 'the look' and you know what it means. 
'The paw' approaches your food, and you give in.
...and that meow can only mean one thing.

Your cat is beautiful

Even when they're naughty, whether weaving their slender body along the mantlepiece for a cheeky walk amongst delicate ornaments, chilling out on a book shelf or having a playful sibling scrap, they still look exquisite (and don't they know it?)

Your cat is your companion

Say no more.

Your cat is our cat

We love to meet new feline friends, and for the time we are with them we will treat them with just as much care and sensitivity as we would our own 3 cats.

We photograph well-fed much loved moggies, fluffy little kittens, sleek pedigrees and everything in between.

*    *    *

"I wasn't really sure what to expect from the photoshoot as Bjork can be quite shy but Carly was really patient and used her expert ways to coax her out of her shell. It means a lot to have some amazing photos which I can cherish both now and when she's gone." - Lysa

"Having four cats sharing the house, they are part of the family, so it felt a bit sad that they were not on show. Carly achieved what I thought was impossible, beautiful, simple photos of my cats, capturing their individual personalities." - Debbie

"Carly produced a beautiful, natural gallery of pictures which accurately illustrates the personality of my pet and my relationship with him. Thank you Carly!" - Sarah

*    *    *

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