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  1. Murphy the miniature pinscher

    23 Jul 2017

    We photograph so many dogs in the great outdoors that sometimes it’s a pleasant change to have a shoot in a home environment. So when Lucy & Jon opted to have their miniature pinscher Murphy photographed in the comfort of their own home and garden I was excited to see what…

  2. Competition winner: dog photoshoot (Belle)

    30 May 2017

    Back in December 2016 we ran a competition to win a brilliant stack of prizes from lots of local pet businesses, including a cat photoshoot and a dog photoshoot from The Pet Collective.We thought you might like to see the results Emily Daly won the dog bundle, opting to have a photoshoot for her dog…

  3. A gorgeous pair of greyhounds

    30 May 2017

    We are fortunate to be able to work with so many varied breeds of dog, but despite the fact we had over 100 different clients last year we surprisingly only had one gorgeous greyhound to photograph. So we were excited at the prospect of being let loose with a pair of greyhounds…

  4. Spring has sprung: Bristol style

    18 Apr 2017

    This sweet little lady (above) is Mabel and she lives with a lovely couple called Phil and Kath in Bristol. After their daughter Rachael moved away from home, there was a space in the family home that needed filling.We met Phil, Kath, Rachael and Mabel at an event last summer. Rachael sneakily purchased a photoshoot voucher without her…

  5. The Pet Collective 2016: a year in pet photos

    05 Jan 2017

    Simon and I (Carly) have been portrait photographers for many years, but having launched The Pet Collective as a specialist pet photography service in December 2015 we have been overwhelmed with how well it’s been received When we launched we immediately garnered much interest and intrigue, which ultimately led to over 100 new clients…

  6. The four seasons: Dogs in summer

    14 Oct 2016

    We love photographing cats and dogs equally, but there is no denying that it’s pretty exciting being able to go to pretty much any public space with a dog for a location shoot. You’re really only limited by the dog’s behaviour and any spaces where dogs aren’t permitted off lead. …

  7. The best behaved bunch: Collies & kids!

    13 Oct 2016

    Gemma contacted The Pet Collective a while back having been impressed with our work online, keen to arrange a photoshoot for her 5 dogs Being a dog trainer with her own very successful business (Daybreak Dogs) life took over and having not scheduled a shoot, the eldest of Gemma’s beloved dogs Kai passed away very…

  8. Forthglade: Clean eating for dogs campaign

    06 Oct 2016

    The Pet Collective have an ongoing relationship with Forthglade natural pet food, and as such were approached to photograph the Forthglade #cleaneatingfordogs campaign this summer It’s no secret that we love fun and creative photography, so the brief was an exciting one: “Create a witty parody of The Hemsley Sisters, who promote clean eating for…

  9. Ripley and her proud pet parents

    01 Jun 2016

    We’re lucky in Bristol to have a wealth of great locations where it’s safe to walk dogs off the lead and fortunately for The Pet Collective those places are often very photogenic. Proud pet parents Andy and Mel chose Eastville Park and neighbouring Snuff Mills as the setting for their sweet little cavapoo Ripley’s photoshoot. Snuff Mills is just a stone’s…

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