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  1. A gorgeous pair of greyhounds

    30 May 2017

    We are fortunate to be able to work with so many varied breeds of dog, but despite the fact we had over 100 different clients last year we surprisingly only had one gorgeous greyhound to photograph. So we were excited at the prospect of being let loose with a pair of greyhounds…

  2. Cat photoshoot: “Best birthday present ever”

    29 Apr 2017

    We love it when clients get all excited about their photoshoot…and admittedly, it happens quite often! Sveva (a proudly self-confessed crazy cat lady) was given a gift voucher for a photoshoot with The Pet Collective as a birthday present, by her partner Antony. Whilst the majority of dogs can be photographed in…

  3. Spring has sprung: Bristol style

    18 Apr 2017

    This sweet little lady (above) is Mabel and she lives with a lovely couple called Phil and Kath in Bristol. After their daughter Rachael moved away from home, there was a space in the family home that needed filling.We met Phil, Kath, Rachael and Mabel at an event last summer. Rachael sneakily purchased a photoshoot voucher without her…

  4. Maisie Williams celebrity shoot (Adopt, don’t shop)

    08 Jun 2016

    You might assume that celebrities who have hit the big time would just go and spend mega-bucks with a pedigree breeder when the time comes that they decide they want a furry friend, but that line of action didn’t sit right with internationally acclaimed actress Maisie Williams (aka Arya Stark from Game of…

  5. Tabby cat Charlie’s birthday paw-traits

    23 May 2016

    Another month at The Pet Collective and another birthday! Following hot on the heels of Louie’s 3rd birthday last month our crazy tabby cat Charlie turned 2, so obviously he had to partake in a few birthday portraits He’s not exactly a shy cat.…and by that I mean he’s a…

  6. Bristol cats Honey & Floydy

    20 May 2016

    As pet portrait photographers a question we are often asked is “Is it hard photographing cats? I bet they never do what you want!” Our answer?  Generally, they are no more difficult than dogs, as long as you know the numerous quirks of cat behaviour. The exception to the rule is with an extremely…

  7. The rewards of volunteering with animals

    26 Apr 2016

    Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary has many dedicated volunteers to help with variety of tasks including dog walking, washing animal bedding, dispensing much-needed cuddles to the cats and daily enrichment such as playing with toys They accept volunteers of all ages, and this week during my volunteering session (to photograph the cats) I met one of the youngest volunteers…

  8. A cat birthday party - yes, really!

    26 Mar 2016

    We’ve been photographing cats for as long as we can remember, but since launching The Pet Collective in November 2015 we’ve really concentrated on producing consistently high quality stylish pet portrait photography, and of course that includes regular photoshoots for our own cats.  With Louie’s 3rd birthday earlier this week (21st March) it seemed like the…

  9. Holly Hedge heartbreakers “take me home!”

    21 Feb 2016

    We offer our photography services on a voluntary basis to Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary, scheduling regular visits in our spare time to ensure the little kitties stand their best chance at getting noticed and then adopted by providing pictures to share across Holly Hedge’s social media It’s a strange thing when you volunteer…

  10. Halloween: My creepy cats

    23 Oct 2015

    This Halloween we had to indulge ourselves in a bit of creepy fun with our terrible trio of cats (since we are pet photographers it counts as work, doesn’t it?) As the seasoned models that they are, it was not too much trouble to get some really sweet photos that truly depict their 3 individual…

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