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  1. A day in the life of Charlie cat

    23 Jul 2016

    After Charlie’s recent return after a 6 day ordeal missing from home we thought it would be a nice time to celebrate his life and show you guys a bit more of his lovable personality Some of you will have already known Charlie as one of the faces of The Pet Collective,…

  2. Ripley and her proud pet parents

    01 Jun 2016

    We’re lucky in Bristol to have a wealth of great locations where it’s safe to walk dogs off the lead and fortunately for The Pet Collective those places are often very photogenic. Proud pet parents Andy and Mel chose Eastville Park and neighbouring Snuff Mills as the setting for their sweet little cavapoo Ripley’s photoshoot. Snuff Mills is just a stone’s…

  3. Boysie: a beloved black cat

    23 Oct 2015

    Back in September 2015 I photographed a much loved companion, Choti aka Boysie, a 17 year-old black cat; a valued and affectionate side-kick to Sarah Amidst a cold downpour of rain Sarah warmly welcomed me into her cosy Fishponds home and the bond between her and Boysie was evident as soon as I walked through the door.  It’s no surprise though, given that…

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