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  1. Can you train a cat like a dog?

    01 Sep 2016

    Can you train a cat like a dog? The short answer is: YES. We were excited to be sent an advance copy of The Trainable Cat book to review, not only because we’re cat-crazy but because we strongly believe that (to some degree) cat training is for every cat owner. Training your cat makes life…

  2. Why do problems arise between dogs and children?

    01 Sep 2016

    Guest post by pet behaviour expert Rosie Bescoby of Pet Sense Why do problems arise between dogs and children?  A terrible tragedy occurred in August this year when a dog killed a 3-year-old little boy in Essex. We don’t know much about the circumstances surrounding the incident and there is no…

  3. Skater girl Georgia with personality-filled pug

    22 Jun 2016

    When we originally chatted about locations for Georgia’s photoshoot with her cute little crossbreed pug x shihtzu Bobo we discussed her home town of Keynsham as being a nice meaningful place to capture them together.  However, on discovering that Georgia is a keen skater I knew there was a perfect spot in…

  4. Maisie Williams celebrity shoot (Adopt, don’t shop)

    08 Jun 2016

    You might assume that celebrities who have hit the big time would just go and spend mega-bucks with a pedigree breeder when the time comes that they decide they want a furry friend, but that line of action didn’t sit right with internationally acclaimed actress Maisie Williams (aka Arya Stark from Game of…

  5. The four seasons: Dogs in spring

    23 May 2016

    We love photographing cats and dogs equally, but there is no denying that it’s pretty exciting being able to go to pretty much any public space with a dog for a location shoot. You’re really only limited by the dog’s behaviour and any spaces where dogs aren’t permitted off lead…

  6. Don’t judge me before you know me (Rottweiler dog)

    19 Apr 2016

    Type “Rottweilers are…” in to a Google search box and you’ll see what kind of suggestions come up Sadly, many of the assumptions people make about specific breeds of dog are misinformed. Whatever the reason for this, Rottweiler dogs and owners experience a lot of prejudice simply because of their breed.  When people…

  7. Valentine’s Day a different way

    30 Mar 2016

    Way back in February not everyone was bowing to convention on romantic dates in expensive restaurants on Valentines Day…Bristol couple Sarah and Lance opted to have a photoshoot with their excitable golden retriever Boston. We visited Vassals Park and had a whale of a time! Meeting and greeting new doggy friends along the way. Despite…

  8. Boston Terrier in characterful design-led home

    30 Mar 2016

    Ever since it opened in 2010 we’ve been big fans of Dig Haüshizzle, an interior design and decorative antiques shop in the centre of Bristol, run by a lovely couple Cass & Edd.  We were delighted to have the opportunity to photograph their pampered pooch Beecher in their characterful Clifton home. Obviously…

  9. Ponyo: the miniature pinscher

    25 Nov 2015

    When we initially booked this shoot the name “miniature pinscher” was kind of a giveaway that it would be a small breed we’d be photographing, but nothing prepared me for just how dinky this little fella was! Before you ask, he’s fully grown, certainly no puppy. Dead cute. We headed out to St…

  10. How can I control my dog’s barking?

    10 Nov 2015

    Barking is a natural way for a dog to communicate, much like a human talking. Dogs bark for a variety of reasons including (but not limited to) play, communicating with puppies, as a greeting for humans, or while distressed/asking for help. When barking becomes excessive it can become a daily nuisance for…

  11. Forthglade cat & dog food advertising campaign

    23 Oct 2015

    Forthglade is an established and trusted household brand of UK-produced natural pet food for happy and healthy pets, catering for both discerning dogs and cultured cats.  During the summer of 2015 The Pet Collective was commissioned to shoot a series of photos for the autumn launch of Forthglade’s brand new website. Split over 3 days of shooting we covered…

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