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  1. Maisie Williams celebrity shoot (Adopt, don’t shop)

    08 Jun 2016

    You might assume that celebrities who have hit the big time would just go and spend mega-bucks with a pedigree breeder when the time comes that they decide they want a furry friend, but that line of action didn’t sit right with internationally acclaimed actress Maisie Williams (aka Arya Stark from Game of…

  2. Smudge the farm cat…and his family

    07 Jun 2016

    Back in March I was approached to provide some headshots for a lovely Twitter contact of mine, a crazy-talented graphic designer called Nat Al-Tahhan, or @NatAlt as I knew her.  It was then, that our eyes met across a sunny field in Bath, with promises of chicken and great pictures.  No…not I’m…

  3. Holly Hedge heartbreakers “take me home!”

    21 Feb 2016

    We offer our photography services on a voluntary basis to Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary, scheduling regular visits in our spare time to ensure the little kitties stand their best chance at getting noticed and then adopted by providing pictures to share across Holly Hedge’s social media It’s a strange thing when you volunteer…

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