1. 3 easy ways to train a scaredy cat

    Date 09 Nov 2015
    Is this a familiar sight?  Guests arrive at your house and your cat slinks off to hide, only appearing again when he hears them leave? Cats are naturally suspicious, and though some will have the confidence to remain around when new people arrive, many will retreat to their “safe zone” (this…

  2. Halloween: My creepy cats

    Date 23 Oct 2015
    This Halloween we had to indulge ourselves in a bit of creepy fun with our terrible trio of cats (since we are pet photographers it counts as work, doesn’t it?) As the seasoned models that they are, it was not too much trouble to get some really sweet photos that truly depict their 3 individual…

  3. Handsome Harry: the white cat

    Date 23 Oct 2015
    Harry’s human Gemma booked a portrait shoot with me in their shared house in trendy Southville (shared with other humans in case you were wondering…) When I arrived Harry had been spooked by me ringing the doorbell. Thankfully it was only a couple of minutes until he realised it was safe to come downstairs and approach me…

  4. Forthglade cat & dog food advertising campaign

    Date 23 Oct 2015
    Forthglade is an established and trusted household brand of UK-produced natural pet food for happy and healthy pets, catering for both discerning dogs and cultured cats.  During the summer of 2015 The Pet Collective was commissioned to shoot a series of photos for the autumn launch of Forthglade’s brand new website. Split over 3 days of shooting we covered…

  5. Boysie: a beloved black cat

    Date 23 Oct 2015
    Back in September 2015 I photographed a much loved companion, Choti aka Boysie, a 17 year-old black cat; a valued and affectionate side-kick to Sarah Amidst a cold downpour of rain Sarah warmly welcomed me into her cosy Fishponds home and the bond between her and Boysie was evident as soon as I walked through the door.  It’s no surprise though, given that…

  6. Cute kittens: Mira & Orion

    Date 23 Oct 2015
    In August 2015 I shot some pet portraits for Sofia and Tony, a young Bristol couple who had recently welcomed two beautiful little kittens - Mira and Orion - into their life Say hello to Mira (a super cute calico kitten), and Orion (a gorgeous silky crazy black kitten). Typically kittens are more…

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