1. Don’t judge me before you know me (Rottweiler dog)

    Date 19 Apr 2016
    Type “Rottweilers are…” in to a Google search box and you’ll see what kind of suggestions come up Sadly, many of the assumptions people make about specific breeds of dog are misinformed. Whatever the reason for this, Rottweiler dogs and owners experience a lot of prejudice simply because of their breed.  When people…

  2. Valentine’s Day a different way

    Date 30 Mar 2016
    Way back in February not everyone was bowing to convention on romantic dates in expensive restaurants on Valentines Day…Bristol couple Sarah and Lance opted to have a photoshoot with their excitable golden retriever Boston. We visited Vassals Park and had a whale of a time! Meeting and greeting new doggy friends along the way. Despite…

  3. Boston Terrier in characterful design-led home

    Date 30 Mar 2016
    Ever since it opened in 2010 we’ve been big fans of Dig Haüshizzle, an interior design and decorative antiques shop in the centre of Bristol, run by a lovely couple Cass & Edd.  We were delighted to have the opportunity to photograph their pampered pooch Beecher in their characterful Clifton home. Obviously…

  4. A cat birthday party - yes, really!

    Date 26 Mar 2016
    We’ve been photographing cats for as long as we can remember, but since launching The Pet Collective in November 2015 we’ve really concentrated on producing consistently high quality stylish pet portrait photography, and of course that includes regular photoshoots for our own cats.  With Louie’s 3rd birthday earlier this week (21st March) it seemed like the…

  5. A day in the life of a cat (Louie)

    Date 01 Mar 2016
    (Originally post from October 2013) Hey! :D I’m Louie. I’m a 6 month old kitten. I live with my brother Max, mummy and daddy.  I used to live at Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary, but one day in the middle of a big climbing adventure (up the front of my cage)…

  6. Life transformation for silver tabby Bjork

    Date 29 Feb 2016
    Silver tabby Bjork had a rather sad start to life. A breeder sold her to a couple in Scotland who, despite good intentions, had not prepared themselves for cat ownership.  They worked away from home a lot and would regularly leave Bjork (as a kitten) home alone with a week’s worth of food, and…

  7. Holly Hedge heartbreakers “take me home!”

    Date 21 Feb 2016
    We offer our photography services on a voluntary basis to Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary, scheduling regular visits in our spare time to ensure the little kitties stand their best chance at getting noticed and then adopted by providing pictures to share across Holly Hedge’s social media It’s a strange thing when you volunteer…

  8. Ponyo: the miniature pinscher

    Date 25 Nov 2015
    When we initially booked this shoot the name “miniature pinscher” was kind of a giveaway that it would be a small breed we’d be photographing, but nothing prepared me for just how dinky this little fella was! Before you ask, he’s fully grown, certainly no puppy. Dead cute. We headed out to St…

  9. How should I greet a cat?

    Date 10 Nov 2015
    Cats have a set of social rules by which they live, rules which must be adhered to if you plan to share a happy relationship. On one hand (paw?) they’re pretty simple, but on the other they’re also pretty complicated These rules of communication apply to all “unknown beings” whether human or feline. CAT RULES:

  10. How can I control my dog’s barking?

    Date 10 Nov 2015
    Barking is a natural way for a dog to communicate, much like a human talking. Dogs bark for a variety of reasons including (but not limited to) play, communicating with puppies, as a greeting for humans, or while distressed/asking for help. When barking becomes excessive it can become a daily nuisance for…

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