Featured client: The natural pet toy company

We take pride in providing characterful imagery for many exciting and varied animal-centric businesses. 

Over the past 18 months we’ve done several photoshoots with a lovely independent Bristol-based business: The natural pet toy company

Founded in 2011 and based at stunning Leigh Court, The natural pet toy company produce eye-catching cat and dog accessories, all hand made in England.

Given that their products are all hand made and natural we felt it would be more fitting to photograph them in a natural environment being used by cats and dogs, rather than simply having each product shot against a plain white backdrop.

Their cat toys are laced with specially selected catnip, and always prove a big hit with our feline models: Max, Louie and Charlie.

Comfy fleece blankets are equally popular with cats and dogs…and who can blame them? They’re beautifully made with plenty of choices from colourful plain options, or striking patterned designs (and of course sooo snug!)

We’re big on quirky interior design at Pet Collective HQ and these blankets blend seamlessly with our choice of home decor.

Brightly coloured collars are available for cats, and collars/leads for your canine friends…including cool festive options!

Catnip toys for cats, aniseed bones for dogs.

Product photos were taken to clearly illustrate the features of each product when it wasn’t being chomped by pointy little cat teeth.

We particularly enjoy working with businesses whose products we love, and judging on our kitties reactions to their accessories plus those of the gorgeous dogs who modelled for us, this is certainly the case for The natural pet toy company. 

If you’d like to see their full range of products please do check out their website: https://www.naturalpet-toy.co.uk


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