A day in the life of a cat (Max)

(Original post from August 13th 2013)

I am Max. Today I am 1 year old :)

This is my human. I know him as the larger human with the shorter fur but I hear him referred to as Simon. He doesn’t like mornings. He opens his eyes like this but he is rarely fully awake until 10am.

I wait patiently at the top of the stairs for the other human with the longer fur.

Soon after, she follows me downstairs…

…and I lead the way to the food.

She told me that she went to school but I’m not actually sure how clever she is? Because every day I have to tell her where the food is.

It’s in here!!

I can even smell it from here…how frustrating…

Today, she is doing something with that big black shiny machine that clicks as she points it at me, the one she often takes out of the house. Sometimes I like it, but this morning it’s taking far too long, and I’M HUNGRY so I have to quickly remind her why we are here…

As we are waiting my little brother, Louie, arrives to join me.

The human cannot be a complete idiot, because soon enough she remembers where the food is kept and it appears in a shiny bowl in the shape of a fish. I wish the whole fish was edible but I will make do.

I am eating from my bowl at the moment but my brother’s definitely looks quite tasty too!

Normally I am quite well behaved but as the human was naughty in making me wait for my breakfast this morning, I have found hers and I am about to eat it a bit of it while she is messing with that silly clicky black machine! It doesn’t smell very meaty, I could eat it anyway. Shall I? I will sniff it first just in case it is poisonous…

Oh no! Why did I waste that time sniffing it when I could have been eating it? She’s spotted me now and I shall be ejected from the worktop very shortly :(

I don’t get told off very badly for being on the worktop though, as I’m normally the golden boy, I’m just playing around a bit today.

The humans spend a lot of time doing things, I have no idea what they do but I don’t get a lot of attention during these times. It used to bother me when I was little, but now I am 1 year old I can handle a couple of hours on my own.

When they return, they put me into the garden with the long furred human. I hear that cats are supposed to enjoy the fresh air and freedom, but I never really have. I often spend my time looking longingly back at the door.

My little brother and the big human taunt me from the window. I’m sure they are making fun of me!

Thankfully it is not too long before I return to my home. The humans are doing something interesting, because the special magical door is opened. I have never seen the other side of this door, sometimes people come through it, but I have only been allowed through it in a cage.

I don’t really mind as I am quite scared of too many humans (and I think there are more out there) but I do like to sit on these cool tiles during the hot weather. I can’t help being hot, I’m always wearing a big fur coat.

After all this exploring and posing for the big black clicky machine I am sort of tired, so I head off to my tipi in the big room where the humans spend most of the dark hours.

I make sure I am guarding the entrance these days though…

Because sometimes I have to chase off intruders!

I thought this would be the end of it, but my little brother is persistent and so I exit the tipi to defend my territory…

I am not so intimidated by him now, as he is only little and despite his growling and scrapping he has not hurt me yet.

He does try his luck sometimes though, and today he attacks my pride and joy, my little home within my home….MY TIPI!

You can see my little black ears as I watch him knaw my special wooden roof.

That’s enough! I will show him who’s boss!!!

I win the battle, and he retreats to the loser’s chair.

Anyway, as the human approaches him he seems happy enough.

After a long rest, I am feeling refreshed, looking kind of playful and kitteny. The human is swishing her fingers along this blanket very quickly, almost too much fun to resist!

So I slide under the duvet and get hunting!

We do this for quite a long time, and then I know that I’ve definitely earnt another big meal. So I sit by the food cupboard, and wait patiently this time.

After my meal I am lavished with attention from the larger human, just like the very first time he picked me up.

I don’t know how these humans do it? They stay awake for so long and still have time and energy to look after me! I sleep for nearly 3 days and they are doing things the whole time I am asleep.

After my cuddles there is nothing more to do for the day, so I retire to my velvety throne for a good long sleep.

In December 2012 I was the last from my brothers and sisters at Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary – even my mummy had gone. Just 4 days before Christmas my humans turned up to meet me. They brought me here and I have never looked back. I love my new home :)

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