A day in the life of a cat (Louie)

(Originally post from October 2013)

Hey! :D I’m Louie. I’m a 6 month old kitten. I live with my brother Max, mummy and daddy. 

I used to live at Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary, but one day in the middle of a big climbing adventure (up the front of my cage) these humans arrived to see me. They gave me lots of cuddles and kisses and in return I nibbled on both their noses. They left shortly after but it was pretty cool when they returned a few days later to take me with them! :D 

I’m really confident and don’t get nervous about anything, I even slept in the car after they picked me up because the journey was quite boring not being able to play with anyone. To my delight, when we got to my new mummy and daddy’s house they had my brother waiting there for me. This was how I introduced myself to Max! :D

He didn’t like me that much on the first day, he’s a scaredy cat… …but I jumped on him every hour of the day for the first fortnight and now we’re really good friends.

Max is nice to play with when he can be bothered but he is quite lazy, content to just sit around on a beanbag, or mummy and daddy’s bed for most of the day.

I prefer to socialise with whoever is around. Mummy and daddy like head bops when they’re working, so I do that a lot.

They also love it when I’m on their work desk as I step on lots of keys with my paws walking on the keyboard. I’ve pressed shortcuts they didn’t know about. I’ve even seen them searching on the internet to find out what I’ve done, they’re lucky to have me really! :) When I’m on the desk my daddy sings me songs sometimes.

It’s nice that it makes him happy, but he’s not a great singer, so I make my feelings pretty clear…

I get bored easily, so sometimes I just go to sleep wherever I am.

Soon enough daddy gets in the shower, so I get up to join him because I love water :D …and the sink is the perfect spot from which to grab him.

When he’s finished I am allowed to have a little look in the shower…

The curtain is so fun…and daddy’s shower water tastes good too!! :D

Mummy is doing something strange today, she’s following me around quite a lot and putting the big black clicking machine on her face. I think it’s a special day or something, so I show her some new tricks.

I know that Max would never do this, but I love adventures and excitement! :D The thrill of the bannister doesn’t last long though, and mummy catches me while I am hatching my next plan. Fresh water is THE BEST. Daddy says I’m an opportunist, and he’s probably right…there’s no way I can resist this chance!

But however nice it is drinking from a tap I still need more entertainment! :( Max is sleeping (as usual!) but I’m sure I can wake him up to play?

He quickly livens up as he’s used to me by now, so I launch myself at him full speed!

Even though Max is a softie he’s over 1 year old now (and quite big) so this time I am quickly wrestled into submission.

Daddy feeds me at lunch time, and then I get cuddles in his top, which is so fun and warm :D

After my lunch and cuddles I am still not content, and manage to take one of daddy’s yummy chicken bones! What a result :D

It’s not often I can take daddy’s food but today is a complete success. I growl to keep mummy away! I don’t stay out for long after lunch, as I’m hunting for a pudding. While mummy’s back was turned I found this banana skin by hunting through the open bin! I don’t even like bananas but it seemed silly not to take it when it was on offer :)

I’m just about satisfied for now so I need a rest and head to mummy and daddy’s bedroom. They call this thing on the window a ‘blind’ but I don’t know why, I can see it perfectly well (!) and it looks much more like a hammock to me.

So I clamber up there and have a little sleep (interrupted by mummy here!)

After a while I hear mummy clicking away, I look out and can see her paying Max some attention by his tipi.

Actually I think he is posing for mummy!

I get jealous when mummy gives Max her full attention so I put a stop to this :)

A few weeks ago I was taken to a man who lived in a room that smelt of lots of other different animals. He did something to me. It wasn’t the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and apparently I can’t be a father now, but since I came home I have been allowed in the garden during the day, so I am happy :D

I love exploring the outdoors. Max strangely has almost no interest in this.

Today I climb a big tree, and when I look back down at him he’s sat on the grass sniffing a flower!

Gah…I love him but he is so embarrassing sometimes! :/ He won’t even go to the loo outside, he has to come inside to find his usual spot!

I think he even needs help sometimes so I come indoors to help him find his way out of the pooing parlour. :) I’m back inside for now, but I still make the most of the sun, especially since I am not normally allowed in this room. It’s the BEST room with the special door. I only ever go through that door in a box.

I wish I could do it more! I do try every day :) Mummy’s spotted me now…so I pull a silly face!

While I’m doing this I then hear Daddy packing for work. I love to help him with everything he does. He has one space left in his bag which I’m pretty sure is custom-made for me, so I get in to show him how perfectly I fit. If I fits, I sits.

He found it funny but I wasn’t allowed to stay in there :(

A bit later on mummy feeds me again. I eat lots but I still want more when daddy comes out with his dinner.

Once in a while he gives me a tiny bit at the end but I get bored waiting, so if he turns his head I can sometimes take it from the bowl (daddy really doesn’t like this though and sometimes I get locked out of the room for doing this). 

I’ve been here a while now, and I’m quite settled. I feel like a big boy but I do sometimes miss my real mummy. I was 10 weeks old when I came here but I had already had another home before this one (they didn’t like me, and gave me away after only 2 weeks). Before that my real mummy was taken away from me when I was only 6 weeks old. 

When I miss her I suckle on this blanket. No milk comes out but if I close my eyes it feels just like her, and I purr because this makes me happy :)

I didn’t have the best start in life but I’m doing well now. I suckle for quite a while, then I’m pretty tired, so a proper rest is the only thing that’s left to do today. Max retreats to his tipi, and I own this chair, so I stretch out on it and sleep. :)

I hope you enjoyed this post. It was difficult to limit the amount of photos because this is probably just half the mischief that Louie causes during one day! He loves to climb the curtains, grab our feet while we sleep, try and take food from the worktops etc. not to mention the amazing feats of agility while hunting his flying toys! 

He’s a high maintenance little boy that’s for sure, completely the opposite to Max, but we love him and wouldn’t have him any other way. If you’d like to see a Day in the Life of Max please click here



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