Lily’s Kitchen delicious new menu, in photos

We recently photographed a selection of the new Lily’s Kitchen menu for cats. 

A box full of goodies arrived humorously addressed to our 3 feline friends. The postman asked for a signature from Max Louie or Charlie so when we explained they are our cats he laughed and agreed to settle for a paw print. 

First up was the “Organic fish dinner”. Charlie is always first in the queue when it comes to modelling. He loves the attention and is clever enough to know it means he’ll get a treat once his work is done.

Packed with yummy ingredients such as game, chicken, turkey and pork the Hunter’s Hotpot had Louie lurking and circling the packet like a hungry vulture.

Catch of the Day: a classic surf and turf for kitties described by Lily’s Kitchen as “a fantastic selection of the best that the coast and countryside has to offer with a rustic, chunky pâté texture that your cat will love” 

Reading that blurb I was almost tempted to spread some on a bit of sourdough for myself!

We chose our sweetest shy boy Max to represent the delicious sounding Lovely Lamb Casserole, since it’s inspired by real home cooking and he’s a dedicated 24/7 lap cat who rarely leaves the comfort of his home.

Single source and packed full of protein Whisker Licken’ Chicken was an instant hit with all of The Pet Collective troops when it came to tasting time.

Each tray is densely packed with meat which looks and smells like human grade pâté. 

I’m not claiming I was brave enough to try it, but with between 60-65% meat content it certainly smells like “proper” food. This is in stark contrast to some of the most popular mass-market pet food brands which feature as shockingly low as 4% meat content. These brands are also chock-full of cheap fillers, additives, sugar and “animal derivatives” and whose scents unsurprisingly don’t even begin to resemble anything i’ve ever eaten.

After their photoshoot Charlie, Louie and Max were delighted with their reward: a tray of Lily’s Kitchen new menu each.

All 3 boys thoroughly enjoyed every mouthful, including Max, who we jokingly refer to as a “biscuitarian” (since he much prefers to eat dried kibble biscuits instead of meat).

We hope you enjoyed this blog post. 

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