Forthglade: Clean eating for dogs campaign

The Pet Collective have an ongoing relationship with Forthglade natural pet food, and as such were approached to photograph the Forthglade #cleaneatingfordogs campaign this summer.

It’s no secret that we love fun and creative photography, so the brief was an exciting one:

“Create a witty parody of The Hemsley Sisters, who promote clean eating for humans – The Houndsley Brothers.”

And so we did!

The campaign has had good media coverage so far, including features from InStyle and Town & Country magazine.

We hope you like these excerpts from the Clean Eating for Dogs booklet. To download it in its entirety, click here.

It was an enlightening experience to work with animals that did what was asked of them…All. Day. Long. 

Of course they had breaks, but they were impeccably well behaved. If you don’t believe us, watch this behind the scenes video!

Photography: Carly Wong @ The Pet Collective.

Photographer’s assistant: Jacob Boodrie.

Video by: New Fruit Productions 

Dogs & dog trainers: A-Z Animals 

Bow ties: Hiro + Wolf


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