The Four Seasons: Dogs & cats in Autumn

We’ve been fortunate doing autumn to have the opportunity to photograph not only a great selection of dogs but a few brave cats who were up for heading out for some seasonal photos.

Whether it’s your local park…

Or the whole of the south Bristol skyline.

Everywhere looks incredible at this time of year!

Even a seemingly unremarkable spot just outside your house.

The wider Bristol/Bath area in particular always has something new to offer, with vast wooded green spaces nearby such as Ashton Court in Bristol, Blaise Castle, or Westonbirt arboretum near Tetbury where the landscape is constantly changing throughout the year. 

These are perfect outdoor locations which provide a varied backdrop whatever month is it you choose to visit with us. However, you’re by no means limited to those places, they’re just good examples that pretty much every Bristol dog owner will be familiar with.

Have you ever considered getting professional portraits of your dog? 

If you have but haven’t got round to it yet, please consider The Pet Collective when you’re ready to celebrate the life of your furry friend. 

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The Pet Collective is a Bristol-based luxury & lifestyle animal portraiture service brought to you by creative photographers Carly Wong and Simon Withyman. 

For people who recognise that pets are family members too. 


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