A day in the life of Charlie cat

After Charlie’s recent return after a 6 day ordeal missing from home we thought it would be a nice time to celebrate his life and show you guys a bit more of his lovable personality.

Some of you will have already known Charlie as one of the faces of The Pet Collective, if you’re reading this in Bristol, or more specifically in Fishponds you may also recognise him as a friendly visiting neighbouring cat (or pesky BBQ-food stealing cat). Others will know him only as #findcharliecat…and if you have yet to discover him, please read on.

Text written by Charlie ;)

I was born in the summer of 2014 at Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary. I wasn’t very old when a man (who I now know as daddy) came to collect me and take me on a long journey. He said it was only 30 minutes but it seemed like 3 hours as I screamed all the way home.

This was one of my first meetings with my brother Louie.

He might have been over twice my size at the time, but he’s never been scary ‘cos even as a kitten I was a brave boss cat.

We’re a bit of a double act these days. 

That’s why he didn’t mind me gatecrashing his birthday party.

Daddy loved me since the first day we met…

….and we’ve been together ever since. 

Mummy and daddy say they work from home as photographers but I think they stay here because they can’t bear to leave me. They stare at computers a lot and I hardly ever see them take any photos apart from ones of me!

Here I am with mummy and my big brothers Max and Louie.

Birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, any excuse and they’re taking photos of me. I guess it has helped me with my professional modelling though. I’ve even pulled my best poses for a pet food company!

This is me on my 2nd birthday. I was particularly pleased with myself that day, being spoilt rotten, as you can probably tell.

Now I’m fully grown I still spend a lot of my time in daddy’s strange office as I like to know he’s near me.

I can even view my outdoor kingdom from this special platform!

I LOVE crazy games and I LOVE people. When the doorbell rings my brother Max runs away. I don’t understand why he does that as it’s great to meet strangers. I run to the door to see who’s there.

I’m very curious and always have a look around new places. 

To keep me happy and entertained daddy plays games with me in the garden.

This is my hunty face!

Mummy trained me to walk on a lead. I’ll also do tricks such as Sit, Roll and High-5. I know how to wee in the human toilet. I’m learning more every day.

I’m always up to something.

Ocasionally it gets me in trouble away from my home.

Whether I’m stuck on a curtain in a neighbour’s house, a nearby chimney or trapped in a house for 6 days I know that whatever happens, daddy will ALWAYS rescue me.

Apart from anything else, he needs me to keep his head warm!

My brother Louie thinks he is the best looking boy. 

He’s not too bad to look at, but he has nothing on me. I’m the tiger boy, the boss cat, the youngest in the family. No one can beat me :)

When I was a kitten I was the boss.

And now I’m a cat nothing has changed.

When I look in the mirror, this is what I see…

…but I know that deep down I’m just a little kitten at heart. I need my home, which is why I’m so relieved to be back.


We want to say another huge THANK YOU to each and every one of you who helped to #findcharliecat this week. 

Simon and I were terrified about what could have happened to him because, although adventurous, he never willingly stays away from home for more than 3-4 hours (he knows which side his bread is buttered on!)

With 600+ shares on Facebook and Twitter plus many other people helping on the streets and those people who called or messaged us with potential sightings we could not be more grateful. 

We found out a lot of funny things about Charlie while hunting for him around the neighbourhood and met loads of gorgeous cats, so it wasn’t all bad.

Charlie is VERY thin at the moment after 6 days missing, but he’s confined to the house while we care for him and slowly fatten him up.

We can’t imagine a life without Charlie, and thankfully we don’t have to.


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