A cat birthday party - yes, really!

We’ve been photographing cats for as long as we can remember, but since launching The Pet Collective in November 2015 we’ve really concentrated on producing consistently high quality stylish pet portrait photography, and of course that includes regular photoshoots for our own cats. 

With Louie’s 3rd birthday earlier this week (21st March) it seemed like the perfect opportunity for a birthday photoshoot. 

Yes, we’re really that crazy about our cats…but we rationalised it by telling ourselves it’s only as crazy as hosting a birthday party for a child who’s too young to fully comprehend what’s happening. 

…plus cats are pretty photogenic! So why not? ;)


It took a little bit of encouragement from Louie’s cat-daddy Simon to get him involved in the party…

Though this hardly proved a problem when the tastiest food was located.

And savagely devoured (Louie cannot eat meat from a plate like a civilised animal)

After Louie had consumed the best birthday pickings his little brother Charlie the crazy tabby quickly got involved.

Followed by our gentle black and white boy Max.

Charlie, true to form, cleared the remainder of the table like the little glutton that he is.

Just a bit of fun, but certainly nice to celebrate the life of little Louie. He didn’t have the best start in life, being taken away from his mother too early and rehomed twice in his first 8 weeks of life (3 times including his final home with us). Now he’s truly living in the lap of luxury.

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