Cat photoshoot: “Best birthday present ever”

We love it when clients get all excited about their photoshoot…and admittedly, it happens quite often!

Sveva (a proudly self-confessed crazy cat lady) was given a gift voucher for a photoshoot with The Pet Collective as a birthday present, by her partner Antony.

Whilst the majority of dogs can be photographed in any safe outdoor location most cats are a lot more comfortable being photographed in their own home environment…so that’s exactly where we headed for this shoot.

We always allow a 30 minute window of meet-and-greet time at the beginning of every pet photoshoot, but this is particularly important on our cat shoots. So we made our quiet introductions and got set up.

Sveva and Antony had arranged one room in particular for the shoot, which had a cute cocktail bar vibe including some very fashionable and photogenic chairs.

As is often the case in families (and cat families) there is always one nutter - and this family’s nutter is Hela.

Throughout the duration of the photoshoot Hela’s energy and enthusiasm did not fade. Whether she was needed for posing or playing, Hela was ready and waiting!

With the promise of treats Hela’s big sisters Luna & Zelda eventually had a go too.

Zelda thought the kitchen might be a better spot (if you’re a cat owner too you will know there’s little point in trying to tell a cat what to do so you might as well let them lead the way!)

We finished up with a few shots of the whole family. 

As Antony gently cradled Hela (their youngest kitty) I asked “so, do you consider yourself a cat man then?”

His reply?

“well I used to like dogs but…”

Do you think your cats would enjoy posing for a photoshoot? As long as they’re not too scared of strangers, we can quietly work our magic with your feline friends.

Please feel free to get in touch to enquire/book.


The Pet Collective is a Bristol-based luxury & lifestyle animal portraiture service brought to you by creative photographers Carly Wong and Simon Withyman. 

For people who recognise that pets are family members too. 


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